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Jennifer Eggleston

Mrs. Eggleston

Position: Principal

Education: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Masters of Education, Administrative Degree, National Boards Certified Teacher

E-mail: jennifer.eggleston@washk12.org

Getting to Know Me:

I was born and raised ‘on the range’ in southwest Kansas. My elementary school had about 35 total students in grades kindergarten through fifth and there were only 4 teachers in the whole school. I moved to southern Utah when I was a sophomore in high school. I graduated Class of 1994 from Hurricane High School. (Go Tigers!)

My oldest child, my son Cody, is getting married in October. We will add his new wife, Chloe, to our family! We are excited! My oldest daughter Kelli is happily married to her husband, Dalton, and they live in LaVerkin. They are expecting their first baby in February 2019. Yes, I will be a grandma! Cody and Kelli both attended Coral Canyon Elementary in 4th and 5th grades. My daughter, Rylee, is in 10th grade at Hurricane High School. She especially loves science and art, while continuing to learn how to master the flute. My baby girl, Evelyn that we call “Evie” with a short e sound, will turn 4 on December 26th of this year. She is so fun to watch grow as she learns and experiences new things every day. She started preschool this year and loves to try to read everything!

My favorite part about teaching is guiding and allowing students to be critical thinkers. I love the phrase “Teach a man to fish and he will be fed for life.” However, learning should also be FUN and I am constantly looking for ways to keep school, lesson plans and activities FUN! I want students to be able to stretch their minds to learn anything and everything they can.

Most of my free time is spent following my own children to their activities and having family gatherings. I am the 3rd of 10 children so there are many of us and we always have an activity going on somewhere. Family is very important to me and I tell students they have simply been added into my already big family!

I absolutely love my job as Principal at Coral Canyon Elementary! We truly have the best kids in the district, as well as the most fabulous teachers and supportive parents.

Here’s to another FABULOUS year at Coral Canyon! Go COLTS!

Coral Canyon Elementary School