3435 Canyon Crest Ave.
Washington, UT 84780
T: 435.652.4787
F: 435.652.4792

Preschool Information

Washington County School District and Coral Canyon Elementary have a goal to provide a high quality and developmentally appropriate preschool experience for children in our community. Our Preschool program emphasizes the whole development of children. We promote the physical development of children by encouraging healthy play, the cognitive development that prepares the preschoolers for Kindergarten, and the social-emotional development that focuses on self-regulation, social skills, problem-solving, and age appropriate behavior.

This is a Title I preschool. If you are interested in enrollment for your 4 year old child, please contact the school office at 435-652-4787 and talk to our secretary, Dawn.

Preschool Website: http://washk12.org/pre-school

Preschool Brochure

Coral Canyon Elementary School