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Computer Labs

Suzie Christensen
Mrs. Christensen

Position: iReady & Waterford Computer Lab Aide

Classroom #: 1 & 3 (combined rooms)

E-mail: suzie.christensen@washk12.org

Getting to Know Me:  I’m so happy to be a part of the Coral Canyon Elementary family. I’ve been an educator for 10 years, but learning is a lifelong commitment of mine.

I moved to Utah from the beautiful state of Maine. I’m proud to call Southern Utah my home. I’m happily married to a wonderful man. His name is Sean. We have 4 grown daughters who have begun to bless us with grandchildren.  

I taught fifth grade for 6 amazing years before coming here to Coral Canyon Elementary. I am now the Computer Manager at our school and have the pleasure of seeing all the kids each and every day in the computer lab.

Miss Feliciano

Position:  Computer Lab Aide

Classroom #: computer lab

E-mail: regina.feliciano@washk12.org

Getting to Know Me:  I have been working with adults and children with disabilities for close to 35 years. I worked as a counselor for Multnomah County, Oregon for 17 years prior to moving to the bush of Alaska where I was a Special Education Teacher for close to 20 years. While living in Alaska, I also worked part-time as a counselor for women who suffered abuse and children from abused families as a missionary. After I retired, I moved to Utah with my fury, four-legged family. My hobbies are weaving, gardening, photography, and freelance writing. My favorite activity is studying the Bible and facilitating Bible Studies.

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